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My name is Ino Bjørnstad! Do you have lymphedema, or cancer?
Then you have come to the right place!

Cancer treatment, complications from cancer, and lymphedema can feel like a heavy punch to the face.
Life may not feel as great as it used to be… 

But did you know that activity can rehabilitate or reduce many of the problems related to lymphedema and cancer?
I truly believe that with all my heart, and more and more science is backing this up!

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Feel free to check out our exercise programs, and blog so you can learn as much about this as possible.
We also make exercise plans for athletes.

Many of our team members are physical therapists and lymphedema therapists,  with in depth knowledge about the different topics they have chosen to write about. This is our attempt to share this knowledge with as many as possible. Hope you like it!

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