Cancer Related Fatigue Survey

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Did you know that cancer related fatigue is the most common symptom after cancer treatment?

 Its also considered the most prevalent and distressing symptom in relation to to cancer treatment. It has been defined as “an overwhelming sustained sense of exhaustion and decreased capacity for physical and mental work at usual level. Chronic fatigue is most common under cancer treatment, especially under chemotherapy. It can be present many years after treatment, with no improvement under the first two years.

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 Cancer Related Fatigue Test.


Welcome, lets find out if you have cancer related fatigue.

Those who participate in the survey will have a chance of winning a medical exercise program.


This survey is based on a survey that has been used inpowerlifting training routine many different cancer and fatigue research studies. Please answer ALL 13 questions by clicking on the answer you think fits best for you. We wish that you answer all the questions even if you have not had such problems.  We're asking about how you have been feeling lately, and not about how you felt long ago. If you've felt tired for long time, we ask that you compare yourself with how you felt the last time you were good.

(T. Chalder, G. Berelowitz, T. Pawlikowska, L. Watts, S. Wessely, D. Wright, and E. P. Wallace. Development
of a fatigue scale. J.Psychosom.Res. 37 (2):147-153, 1993.)


1) Do you have problems with feeling tired?
2) Do you need more rest than normal?
3) Do you feel sleepy or drowsy?
4) Are you having trouble getting started with things?
5) Do you feel that you lack energy?
6) Do you have reduced strength in your muscles?
7) Do you feel weak?
8) Are you having a hard time concentrating?
Do you make slips of the tongue when speaking?
10) Is it harder to find the right words?
11) How is your memory?
12) If you have been feeling tired lately. For how long have you felt tired?
13) If you are feeling tired lately. How often do you feel tired?


Superb, your almost finished!

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