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Fatigue treatment today

Today there is no consensus for optimal fatigue treatment in the world. There is no consensus on how to prevent or alleviate fatigue. Most individuals with chronic fatigue or disability will become less physically active. This may lead to a cycle of deconditioning of multiple physiological systems. Patients undergoing treatment for cancer are often advised to limit their activity and get enough rest. These strategies may be effective in acute situations of fatigue. However, if you are suffering from more chronic fatigue rest will result in deconditioning and probably increased fatigue. So to much rest is not optimal for fatigue treatment.

Furthermore, pharmacotherapy of fatigue and asthenia in cancer patients has not produced convincing scientific results.


Home based medical exercise program

This exercise program consist of 20 weeks with an exercise session of 30-60 minutes, three times a week with a varying intensity.

First of all we want to mention that one of the major benefits of our medical exercise program, is that it is home based. You can complete this 20 weeks program, without ever going to the gym, or having to buy a gym membership. So its great for those who are to tired, or to busy to visit the gym.

For most people it’s so much easier to do an exercise program at home, in stead of having to use a lot of energy and time to go to a gym. We want you to exercise and get better. But we also want you to have enough energy to spend time with your family, and do the this that are important for you.


The amazing benefits of the program on fatigue treatment



  • This is the typical energy level for those with fatigue.


  • This is the energy level for those with fatigue who completed the study.

Our medical exercise program is based on an scientific study on the most fatigued cancer patient group, those with lymphoma.  After 20 weeks, the total fatigue was reduced with over 40 %! Furthermore, physical fatigue was reduced over 43 % while mental fatigue over 44%! Some of the participants even scored below the threshold for chronic fatigue after completing the intervention. The level of fatigue they had after completion was as the same level as in the general Norwegian population! And some of the participants have lived with fatigue in 10-20 years before joining this program. Can you imagine how fantastic life would feel if you could do experience the same as these participants?

Physical functioning and maximal aerobic capacity where also improved!


You should only consider trying out of medical exercise program if you qualify for it.

Did you know that science shows that completion of training depends on factors such as motivation, education, knowledge and belief in the beneficial effects of physical activity on health.


Firstly, you should know that your doctor has given you the “GO” for being active and exercising.
As a recourse, you can check out our Pre-Exercise assessment. for cancer and lymphedema here.


This medical exercise program is for the motivated!

If you’re not motivated, than there is really no point in applying for this type of fatigue treatment. Because in the end, it’s you that have to put in the work to get better. We can guide you, and we can give you the best tools that are currently available. But you must do the training 3 times a week, we can’t do it for you.


Do you truly believe this, medical exercise program can help you?

If the answer is no, or you feel ambiguous, then you should not apply for it. Why?
Because 50 % of people that start exercising will quit before 6 months have passed. And this is a 20 weeks program.
We want those who are motivated, and believe that this can truly help them change their lives, Because it will scientifically increase your chance for completing the medical exercise program.


Are you cancer free? Time since antitumor therapy should be at least 9 months.

If you are not cancer free, please contact us, and we will try to see if we can personalize an medical exercise program for you.



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Is our Medical exercise plan for cancer related fatigue available for you?
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